Throughout time, LOVE is the one emotion that gives us hope. No politics, no country, no race, no religion is so strong as to keep people from seeking true love, despite the obstacles in their way. Perhaps no modern artist has spent more time contemplating this notion than Michael Kalish. In his most daring and bold expression of the force of nature known as love, the renowned sculpture will unveil his own artistic sonnet in sculpture from - THE ART OF FINDING LOVE - at The Grove in Los Angeles, fittingly, one week before Valentine's Day. 

The 42-year-old-artist, known for his massive public art installations paying tribute to icons such as Muhammed Ali and Elvis Presley, is no stranger to the art scene. Embraced by critics, dealers, and an impressive list of contemporary art collectors, Kalish's original roses, abstracts and limited edition dimensional works, as well as his legendary license plate sculpture, are featured in the collections of world leaders, fortune 100 companies, past presidents, professional athletes and musicians.  

But it is his own journey - both professionally and personally - which has led him to what he says, is the most meaningful work his career, creating THE ART OF FINDING LOVE. 

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